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Community Health Worker Training

Connecting communities to health

Community Health Workers (CHWs) contribute to improved health outcomes in their communities. CHWs promote health within the community in which they reside and/or share ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, and life experiences. 


CHWs can serve as liaisons between communities and healthcare providers, provide culturally and linguistically appropriate health education, provide referral and follow-up services or otherwise coordinating care, and identify and help enroll eligible individuals in federal, state, and local private or nonprofit health and human services programs.  CHWs can work in community-based, inpatient or other healthcare settings.

SE PA AHEC is a part of the Pennsylvania AHEC Community Health Worker Program that offers a 100-hour training program designed to provide the core competencies needed for work in community-based and inpatient settings. The training also provides comprehensive information about accessing healthcare and other community-specific resources and social supports.

If your organization is interested in hosting a training, the CHW Training can be modified to meet the needs of your organization and the community in which you are located.

Information about certification

State certification information for current CHWs

Pennsylvania Certified Community Health Worker requirements

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