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Pediatric Oral Health Initiative

Updated: Sep 7, 2020


SE PA AHEC's new Pediatric Oral Health Initiative, which will aim to decrease the incidence of childhood caries, will be piloted in February. This initiative will increase the number of primary care providers in the Southeast PA region who screen for oral health and apply fluoride varnish to eligible children by raising awareness about training and resources available.

Training more primary care providers to apply fluoride varnish was highlighted by the 2017-2020 Pennsylvania Oral Health Plan as a cost-effective method for improving pediatric oral health. Childhood caries, or cavities,are the most common chronic childhood disease and accessing regular dental care can be difficult, particularly for low-income families or families living in dental shortage areas. Application of fluoride varnish in the primary care setting allows clinicians to protect more children from adverse oral health outcomes.

If you would like to learn more about SE PA AHEC's Pediatric Oral Health Initiative or are interested in participating, visit our page or contact

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